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Welcome to Wildlife Arts Studio

Wildlife Arts Studio, was established in 2008. Schaun and Suzette grew up with strong backgrounds in the art industry. Through determination they laid the ground work to start a family owned and operated business. Each step of hard work brings them closer to their dreams of becoming leaders in the taxidermy industry. In 2013 Smack's Taxidermy became CWD certified. In 2014 Smack's Taxidermy received multiple awards and ribbons at the Pennsylvania Taxidermy Associations State Championships. In 2017 Smack's Taxidermy received best professional small lifesize mammal award in Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland as well as the best amateur lifesize mammal in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Also In 2017 Smack's Taxidermy also received the Taxidermist Choice Best Choice Fish,  Peoples Choice Best Fish, and McKenzie Award Best Fish. As partners Schaun and Suzette have received multiple collective artist awards at the PA Taxidermy Championships in 2017 and 2018. Schaun received the 2020 peoples choice award at the PA Taxidermy Championship with a lifesize black bear. 


           " With our expertise and ingenuity we use modern techniques to create realistic endless possibilities on your mount. Wildlife Arts Studio recreates custom mounts and habitats for your small and large game trophies. Making your memories last a lifetime." 

About the Artists....

Schaun Mack an avid hunter and fisherman with a love of the outdoors. Enjoys watching animals in their natural habitat. His drive to learn more and share more is the philosophy of his success. "I really can enjoy the stories of a hunters success and being able to work on their trophy makes it memorable for me as well. I enjoy the challenge of recreating the animals as lifelike as possible. Each mount creates a new opportunity to express the realism of each animal."



Suzette Mack an artist and outdoor enthusiast with an extensive history in animal sciences. By using these strengths together she strives to recreate the most lifelike and anatomical mounts. She has worked her way up the ladder in the competitive taxidermy scene by achieving multiple awards in the amateur division to now being a high scorer in the professional division. "I do believe that attention to detail and exposing your work to be critiqued by the best in the industry is the absolute best way to grow as an artist and as a taxidermist."

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